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FPN Webinar: Building a Legacy of Healthy Children in Florida
FPN partnered with Grantmakers for Children, Youth and Families and Grantmakers in Health for a recent webinar discussion on the state of children's health coverage in Florida. This webinar gave Florida funders the opportunity to hear from those in the field working hard to build a comprehensive approach to covering kids and families in Florida.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)


FPN Webinar: Streamline the Grant Application Process with Simplify
During this March 2015 member webinar we learned about Simplify, a new data-sharing tool that streamlines the grants application process for nonprofits and makes it easier for foundations to access information from grant applicants. Grantmakers get quality data, grantees save valuable time, and everyone benefits from a more efficient process. Simplify is an initiative of GuideStar and the Technology Affinity Group (TAG).

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> Learn More About Simplify (Website Link)


FPN Webinar: How to Get on the Map by Sharing Your Grants Data
Imagine being able to see who is funding what and where - anywhere in our state, anytime and with just a few clicks. Access to accurate, up-to-date grantmaking data is critical to understanding the funding landscape and ensuring that your giving is as effective as it can be. This February 2015 member webinar shared about the campaign to "Get on the Map" and how FPN members can help fuel the new Florida Philanthropic Network Foundation Map, a tool that will provide continuous and interactive access to up-to-date information on Florida's philanthropic investments.

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> Learn More About Get on the Map (Website Link)


FPN Webinar: The Florida ALICE Report & How Philanthropy Can Take Action
A February 2015 FPN member webinar presented key findings from the 2014 United Way ALICE Report for Florida, which shows that 45% of Florida households struggle to afford the basic necessities of
housing, child care, food, health care and transportation Ė triple the number previous thought. During the webinar the presenters shared how the data are being used by United Ways across Florida and how FPN members can use the data to further philanthropic work.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)
> Florida ALICE Report (Website Link)


FPN Webinar: Public Policy Update
This February 2015 FPN member webinar provided the latest public policy and legislative updates on whatís happening in Washington that will impact philanthropy. It also provided an opportunity to learn more about Foundations on the Hill (FOTH), an annual event for grantmakers to help our state's congressional delegation understand our work and our issues.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)
> Nonprofit Advocacy Primer from the Michigan Nonprofit Association and Council of Michigan Foundations (PDF)


FPN Webinar: Policy Update: Changes to the Solicitations of Contributions Act
The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is currently in the process of implementing changes made during the 2014 legislative session to Florida's Solicitation of Contributions Act - changes in which FPN played an advisory role. This February 2015 webinar, presented with Florida Nonprofit Alliance, provided an opportunity to learn about these changes firsthand from representatives of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)
> Law Change Fact Sheet (PDF)
> Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Charitable Organizations webpage (direct link)


FPN Webinar: Blogging for Good: Using Content to Extend Your Reach
In this new world of social media's inbound marketing, blogging has quickly become the number one way organizations are reaching more people with their messages. Blogging can provide your organization with a vehicle to reach more of your audiences, raise awareness about the issues and causes you support, and position your organization, and your organizationís leaders, as experts. During this December 2014 FPN member webinar, Louanne Walters of My Video Voice Productions shared blogging best practices.

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FPN Webinar: Children's Health Coverage in Florida
A newly released FPN educational brief explores children's health coverage in Florida. This December 2014 webinar discusses the bried. Florida's rate of uninsured children has declined in recent years, though it remains considerably higher than that of the nation and other southeastern states. This encouraging trend could be disrupted, however, by policy decisions in 2015 that could negatively impact as many as 400,000 children. The brief was authored by Joan Alker, executive director of the Center for Children and Families at the Georgetown University Policy Institute, and was commissioned by Florida Philanthropic Network and its Florida Health Funders member affinity group.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)
> Brief (PDF)
> Blog Post Summary


FPN Webinar: Lessons Learned for Holding a Successful Give Day Campaign
As philanthropy continues to innovate, online fundraising is emerging as a top trend across the field. Specifically, Give Day campaigns, a limited time period of online giving, usually 24 hours, are evolving as common ways to engage first-time donors, raise money and promote philanthropy in communities across the United States. During this December 2015 FPN member webinar we learned from Florida community foundations about their Give Day experiences. The panel, with representatives from three Florida community foundations, discussed both the challenges and wins associated with planning, organizing and implementing an effective Give Day campaign.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)


FNS ImageFPN Webinar: Building the Next Generation of Nurse Leaders
An August 2014 FPN webinar discussed how The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) Future of Nursing Scholars program is helping to create a large, diverse cadre of PhD-prepared nurses, through scholarships and leadership development, committed to long-term leadership careers that advance science and discovery, strengthen nursing education, and bring transformational change to our healthcare system. On the webinar, RWJF and one of its co-funders, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Southeastern Pennsylvania, described their involvement and shared how other funders can get involved to expand the programís reach and maximize its impact.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)
> Additional Resources (PDF)

Child Welfare WebinarFPN Webinar: Increasing Child Safety and Permanency in Florida
An August 2014 FPN webinar discussed the findings of the Child Welfare Services Gap Analysis Report, recently completed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the University of South Florida, with support from Casey Family Programs. The webinar covered the critical points of intervention to fill child welfare service gaps within funders' communities of interest and examples of successful funder efforts to support solutions.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)


Youth HomelessnessFPN Webinar: Preventing and Ending Youth Homelessness in Florida
A June 2014 FPN webinar explored the characteristics of the homeless youth population, funder efforts to support solutions to this problem, and a local community perspective. The webinar included an opportunity to learn about a groundbreaking national effort that Chapin Hall is developing to create an actionable blueprint built upon the 2013 U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness Framework to End Youth Homelessness.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)


Permanent Supportive HousingFPN Webinar: Can Permanent Supportive Housing Help the Most Vulnerable Floridians?
An April 2014 FPN webinar looked at a pilot project in Florida to quantify the outcomes and cost benefit of providing permanent supportive housing - affordable housing linked with on-site support services - to high utilizers of crisis services. The statewide pilot, "The Solution That Saves," is being developed in partnership with the Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Presbyterian Social Ministries.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)

Safety Net ClinicsFPN Webinar: The Role of Safety Net Clinics in the Post-ACA Era
Safety net clinics will continue to play a significant role as healthcare evolves under the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In an April 2014 FPN webinar we heard from Mark Cruise, Executive Director of the Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, about the influences and factors reshaping the design and delivery of care external to the ACA.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)


CF AccountingFPN Webinar: Four Things Your Accountant Should Know
In a May 2014 FPN community foundation webinar, Henry Bromelkamp, President of Bromelkamp Company LLC, gave us a non-technical look at the concepts and options behind four essential financial functions for community foundations: joint investment allocation, fund administrative fees, spendable allotment and rebalancing funds.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)


ACA EnrollmentFPN Webinar: Covering Florida's Uninsured: The Role for Philanthropy as ACA Deadlines Approach
FPN presented a webinar for our members on August 22, 2013, where we heard from two nonprofits, Families USA and Enroll America, that are working on the ground in Florida to educate people about their new health coverage options under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and to get them enrolled. With the new healthcare exchange plans scheduled to be available starting on October 1, the webinar revealed that Florida faces a herculean task to ensure that all Floridians can take full advantage of the new health coverage options available to them.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)
> Families USA's Presentation Slides (PDF)
> Enroll America's Presentation Slides (PDF)


Safe HarborFPN Webinar: Human Trafficking: Florida's Hidden & Growing Crisis
FPN hosted a webinar on June 12, 2013, that placed a spotlight on Florida's growing yet hidden human trafficking crisis - Florida ranks #3 in the country - and what can be done about it. Noel Thomas from the Florida Department of Children and Families gave an overview of Florida's human trafficking problem and highlighted some of the most critical unmet needs, based on his extensive experience in investigating this issue across the state. We also heard a grantmaker's perspective from Upendo Shabazz-Phillips, who described how and why Allegany Franciscan Ministries is addressing human trafficking in its grantmaking work through its lens as a health funder.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)
> Noel Thomas' Presentation Slides (PDF)
> Upendo Shabazz-Phillips' Presentation Slides (PDF)


GlasspocketsFPN Webinar: Creating a Culture of Transparency at Your Foundation
FPN hosted a webinar on May 22, 2013 that featured guest speaker Janet Camarena, who leads the Glasspockets Initiative for the Foundation Center. She gave an overview of Glasspockets tools, discussed key foundation transparency elements, and described how to create a culture of transparency at a foundation. The webinar also featured Eileen Boyle, president & CEO of Allegany Franciscan Ministries, which signed on to Glasspockets in 2012. Eileen will talk about why her organization decided to participate in Glasspockets, how they've benefited and what they've learned from the experience so far.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)

Collaborative AgingFPN Webinar: Collaborative Aging: Activating Community Thinking About Demographic Change
In a May 1, 2013 FPN webinar, Tom Esselman from the Institute for the Ages and Debra Jacobs from FPN member The Patterson Foundation, both based in Sarasota, led a discussion on community-oriented thinking about demographic change, using the Institute for the Ages as an example. The Institute was incubated in 2009 to position Sarasota County as a test-bed community for collaboration by corporate, philanthropic and government institutions around innovation and ideas for improving the world for a rapidly aging population.

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> Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)

Florida's Silver TsunamiFPN Webinar: Florida's Silver Tsunami: The Wave of Demographic Changes & Philanthropy's Response
Dr. James H. Johnson followed up his highly rated presentation at FPN's 2013 Summit with an in-depth look at Florida's current demographics and projections for the future, with a specific emphasis on the aging population in Florida. What do Florida's demographic shifts mean for the tax base, the employment base, the service economy, education and health care in Florida? Where will the wave take us? How will this impact our communities and our grantmaking? Where should philanthropy invest now to prepare for the not too distant future?

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> Dr. Johnson's Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)

Florida CapitolFPN Webinar: Is Your Foundation Prepared for Florida's New UPMIFA Law?
A new law took effect in Florida on July 1, 2012, that imposes new standards on not-for-profit corporations' investment of their funds. The new law - the Florida Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (FUPMIFA) - requires a Florida charity to prudently manage its funds and sets out general investment guidelines that must be followed. In a September FPN webinar, Mark Brewer, President & CEO of the Community Foundation of Central Florida, gave an overview of the key provisions of FUPMIFA and provided some practical tips and guidance to help grantmakers ensure that they are in full compliance with the law.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)
> Mark Brewer's Webinar Presentation (PDF, 22 pp)
> FUPMIFA Compliance Checklist (PDF, 1 p)
> FUPMIFA Bill (PDF, 12 pp)

ACAFPN Teleconference: Deciphering the Decision: What Does the Affordable Care Act Mean for Floridians?
In a member teleconference on August 22, 2012, Ron Pollack of Families USA and Steve Marcus of the Health Foundation of South Florida provided a helpful overview of some key provisions of the Affordable Care Act and its impact for Florida.

> Listen to the Teleconference (Audio Only)

ACA Resources From Families USA:
> A Closer Look: The Supreme Courts Health Care Decision (PDF, 4 pp)
> Decoding Your Health Insurance: The New Summary of Benefits and Coverage (PDF, 20 pp)
> Dying for Coverage: The Deadly Consequences of Being Uninsured (PDF, 16 pp)
> Medicaid: Essential to Floridaís Hospitals and Communities (PDF, 4 pp)
> Worry No More: Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions Are Protected by the Health Care Law (PDF, 24 pp)

Creating Order From ChaosFPN Webinar: Creating Order From Chaos: Lessons on Philanthropy's Role in Disasters
Just as Tropical Storm Debby swept through Florida, an FPN webinar on June 28 looked at philanthropy's role in helping communities recover from disaster. The Jessie Ball duPont Fund and leaders of several Alabama foundations shared key lessons they learned as they worked together to respond to the devastating 2011 tornadoes and to figure out how they could be most effective in helping communities recover. The webinar offered several "aha moments" that Florida funders should take to heart.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)
> Download the Webinar Presentation (PDF)

State of the Gulf WebinarFPN Webinar: State of the Gulf & Philanthropy's Response: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 2 Years Later
Two years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, FPN held a webinar on May 17, 2012, to learn what has been done to recover from the spill, what we can do in the future to protect the Florida environment, and how we can continue to manage the long-term effects of this disaster. Amy Holmes from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors discussed the strategy behind the $20 million distributed to Regional Partners in Florida and three other Gulf states to improve the lives of individuals, families and children and to strengthen the diverse communities  impacted by the oil spill. Dr. Sarah Frias-Torres, a researcher and author of a recently published study of the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on particular species of fish in the Gulf, walked participants through the overarching effects and ongoing ecological impact of the catastrophe and described where things stand today.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)
> Download Amy Holmes' Webinar Presentation (PDF)
> Download Dr. Sarah Frias-Torres' Webinar Presentation (PDF)

Investing in Grants Management WebinarFPN Webinar: The Importance of Investing in Grants Management
In an April 12 FPN Grants Managers Affinity Group webinar, three grantmakers shared how they have taken on the challenge of improving and streamlining their grant application and reporting processes. Hear how they have developed and implemented their plans, and learn what impact this has had on their overall grants management and foundation goals.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)
> Download the Webinar Presentation (PDF)

Connect Brevard WebinarFPN Webinar: Increasing Community Knowledge of Local Nonprofits: A New Model From Brevard County
In a January 2012 member webinar, Tom Pollak from the Urban Institute's National Center for Charitable Statistics and Sandi Scannelli of the Community Foundation for Brevard offered an in-depth look at Connect Brevard, a new web-based tool that enhances community education about Brevard County's not-for-profit organizations. The site offers a model for how foundations can be leaders in increasing community knowledge about local nonprofits.

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> Download the Webinar Presentation (PDF)

Food Line in TampaFPN Webinar: Hunger in Florida: What Is Philanthropy's Role?
An FPN webinar on December 8, 2011, explored philanthropy's role in addressing the growing problem of hunger in Florida. Rebecca Brislain from the Florida Association of Food Banks discussed the impact of federal and state budget cuts to food subsidy and safety net programs and how philanthropy may need to regroup its efforts in different directions to combat the results in local communities across Florida. Jillian Vukusich described the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties' programmatic approaches to systems, access and grantee partnerships in South Florida that are feeding people and trying to develop solutions for food insecurity through the crisis and beyond.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

> Download Rebecca Brislain's PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
> Download Feeding Florida Report 2009 (PDF), by Florida Impact
> View "Hard Times Generation" Report by 60 Minutes, March 6, 2011
> View "Hard Times Generation" Report by 60 Minutes, November 27, 2011

Early Learning WebinarFPN Webinar: The State of Early Learning in Florida: Issues & Opportunities
FPN held a webinar on November 2, 2011, that gave an update on the state of early childhood education (ECE) in Florida, provided some examples of work being done in Florida and around the country to bring people together around this issue, and offered an opportunity for rethinking our work in this area. Ashley Smith Juarez described how The Chartrand Foundation arrived in the ECE space from maternal child health, its current work around brain development and its efforts to align ECE with the full scope of 0-12 education. Linda Landsman of The Rauch Foundation discussed work in New York that started as a loose coalition of funders and grew into a statewide advocacy and policy effort around ECE.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

> Download The Chartrand Foundation's Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
> Download The Rauch Foundation's Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

PCAN WebinarFPN Webinar: Crisis to Solution: A Model of Cross-Sector Collaboration to Meet Community Needs
Cross-sector collaboration is talked about a lot today, but it's not too often that we see a model of cross-sector collaboration that is able to bring together the strengths of every sector - public, business, nonprofit and philanthropy - to successfully solve a serious community problem.   One such model is happening right here in Florida: the Primary Care Access Network (PCAN) in Central Florida, which was the spotlight of an FPN webinar on May 18, 2011.   Whether or not you fund health care, there are lessons we all can learn from this model about how to make true collaboration work across the sectors.  PCAN Chair Maureen Kersmarki, Florida Hospital, Margaret Brennan from PCAN, and Jared Skok, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Foundation, discussed this innovative and successful model and the elements that make a cross-sector collaboration possible, successful and sustainable even in today's rapidly changing environment. 

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

> Download the PCAN Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Ford PAS Foundation PresentationFPN Webinar: New Pathways in Education: Career Academies and Collegiate High Schools
An FPN Education Funders Affinity Group webinar on April 13, 2011, presented two examples of successful alternative high school educational experiences in the state.  Jane Soltis from the Eckerd Family Foundation described career academies and efforts by the FACTE/Ford PAS Foundation to expand career academies in four Florida communities.  Starla Metz, Principal of St. Petersburg Collegiate High School, provided an overview of the school's academic success.  The school is one of the 28 collegiate high school programs currently in existence on the campuses of Florida Colleges offering secondary education while allowing students to obtain an associate degree upon graduation from high school. 

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

> Download Jane Soltis' Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
> Download Starla Metz's Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Identity Crisis SlideFPN Webinar: Identity Crisis: Whatís the Face of Your Foundation in the Community?
In an FPN Communications Affinity Group webinar on April 7, 2011, representatives of two Florida foundations - Toni May from the Quantum Foundation and Greg Luberecki from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice - shared how their organizations are managing their branding and general awareness in the community.  Is "general awareness" relevant for foundations?  What research is necessary before developing a new or refreshed look?  Who manages the message and what tactics are the most far-reaching?  How do you measure your success?  These questions and more were answered in the webinar, covering the crossroads of foundation audience and image in the midst of todayís message overload.  

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

> Download Toni May's Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
> Download Greg Luberecki's Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Disruptive Demographics SlideFPN Webinar: Disruptive Demographics: Implications for Florida
In a webinar on March 30, 2011, Dr. James H. Johnson Jr. - the most highly rated speaker at FPN's 2011 Statewide Summit on Philanthropy - provided an in-depth look into the key demographic trends and changes for Florida's population, and helped grantmakers explore what these changes might mean for their work across the state.  

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

> Download the Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

State of Philanthropy SlideFPN Webinar: State of Florida Philanthropy 2011
In a webinar on February 24, 2011, David Biemesderfer, President & CEO of FPN, provided a closer look at some of the latest facts, figures and trends in recent giving by Florida's foundations and individuals, and the outlook for the state's grantmaking in 2011, based on FPN's latest research.  In addition, Steven Lawrence from The Foundation Center in New York provided a national perspective on the latest foundation giving trends.  

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

> Download the Webinar PowerPoint Presentations (PDF)

George SheldonFPN Convening: A Conversation With Secretary George Sheldon
George Sheldon, Secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families, spoke at an FPN convening on Oct. 14, 2010, in Orlando about the Department's top priorities; successful and innovative public-private partnerships and the role funders have played in these partnerships; and how funders can help sustain and expand successful outcomes.  

> View a Video Archive of Sheldon's Remarks

> Read the FPN Convening Summary: The Roles of Philanthropy & Government in Sustaining Florida's Successful Child Welfare Reforms (PDF)

Gulf Oil Spill Update & the Role for PhilanthropyFPN Webinar: Gulf Oil Spill Update & the Role for Philanthropy
With many grantmakers in Florida trying to determine how they can help with the Gulf oil spill in ways that are most effective and appropriate amid the massive funding from BP and the government, an FPN webinar on July 21, 2010, sought to help by presenting experts from Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota.  The presenters gave the latest updates on the oil spill's impacts on the Gulf and offered some insights on where private funders may be able to help.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

Increasing Floridian's Access to Food Assistance WebinarFPN Florida Innovations Webinar: Increasing Floridians' Access to Food Assistance: The Benefits Connections
In a July 15, 2010, FPN Webinar, representatives from the Winter Park Health Foundation, Florida Department of Children and Families and Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida described an innovative cross-sector partnership, The Benefits Connection, that was launched in July 2008 to increase Florida citizens' accessibility to Food Stamps.  The pilot initiative has helped capture millions of unclaimed federal dollars for Food Stamps in Central Florida, and has resulted in a return on investment of almost 1,000%.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

Empowering Effective Teachers WebinarFPN Florida Innovations Webinar: Empowering Effective Teachers: The Gates Foundation's Historic Investment in Hillsborough Schools
An FPN Webinar on June 25, 2010, provided an overview of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's historic $100 million, seven-year grant to support a new initiative in the Hillsborough County School District aimed at transforming the way the district recruits, trains and retains high-quality teachers.  Hillsborough Superintendent MaryEllen Elia and Gates Foundation representatives Teresa Rivero and Ky Vu shared what they hope to achieve in the initiative and how they plan to do it.  Rivero and Vu also described the Gates Foundation's education funding strategy and its approach to states overall and to Florida specifically.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

Transforming Child Welfare WebinarFPN Florida Innovations Webinar: Transforming Florida's Child Welfare System: Promising Results From a Jacksonville Pilot
This May 6, 2010, FPN Webinar described a radical transformation of Florida's child-welfare system over the past three years, marked by a wholesale shift in spending, that has led to dramatic improvements in the well-being of children and families involved in a pilot program in Northeast Florida.  The program has been a true cross-sector partnership, and its success has led to calls for it to be replicated across the state and across the country.  In the webinar, government, nonprofit and foundation representatives described the dramatic results of the pilot program, and provided key advice and lessons learned on how the program can be replicated elsewhere.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

Grantmakers Going Green WebinarGrantmakers Going Green Webinar
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, this FPN webinar on April 21, 2010, featured Ted Hart, president and CEO of GreenNonprofits, who shared practical tips and advice from his "Nonprofit Guide to Going Green."  In addition, Daryl Houston from the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties and Greg Luberecki from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice shared their foundations' experiences in becoming more environmentally friendly and helping nonprofits do the same - from small operational changes to major initiatives. 

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

Communicating Leadership WebinarCommunicating Leadership Webinar
In an April 1, 2010, FPN webinar, communications expert Kristen Grimm of Spitfire Strategies offered a wealth of practical guidance on how community foundations can communicate effectively about their leadership work.  Grimm gave tips and advice on how to define your leadership profile, develop appropriate communications strategies and activities, and measure success. 

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)

Social Medial Session 2010Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - Oh My! Using Social Media Effectively
At a session held on February 11, 2010, prior to FPN's 2010 Statewide Summit on Philanthropy, a panel of Florida grantmakers described how they are using social media to help support and advance their work.  Presenters were Shari Gantman, Vice President of Communications, Health Foundation of South Florida; Greg Luberecki, Director of Marketing and Communications, Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice; and S. Slade Sundar, Director of Digital Communications, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Moderator: Larry "Bud" Meyer, President, Meyer Communication, LLC.

> Video Highlights (YouTube)
   Video provided courtesy of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties

2010 Statewide Summit on Philanthropy
More than 150 people from Florida's grantmaking field and other sectors gathered in Orlando on February 11-12, 2010 for FPN's second annual Statewide Summit on Philanthropy.  The event explored how foundations in the state are working in new ways to solve some of the state's most intractable problems in such areas as health care, education, workforce development and social service.

> Summit Resources
> Summit Photos

Tweets, Followers & Blogs: Foundation Strategies for Using Social Media
An FPN Webinar on October 8, 2009, provided foundations with some practical information, guidance and lessons learned on how they might use social media strategies to advance their mission and goals.  Social media expert Allen Gunn from Aspiration in San Francisco provided an introduction to social media tools and strategies, while Marc Fest from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Susie Bowie from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County's Nonprofit Resource Center shared how their organizations are currently using social media.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)
> Download Susie Bowie's Presentation Slides (PPT)
> Download Marc Fest's Presentation Slides (PPT)
> Download Allen Gunn's Presentation Slides (PPT)
> Aspiration's Online Communications Publishing Matrix
> Guidelines for Knight Foundation-Related Blogging

Sharing Community Foundations' Back-Office Operations
In this FPN teleconference program, Kerry Bartlett, executive director of the Indian River Community Foundation, describes how her foundation has contracted out its back-office operations to Greater Horizons, which is administered by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. Bartlett and Brenda Chumley, executive director of Greater Horizons, describe the key details of the arrangement, outline key lessons they've learned along the way, and offer practical advice for others considering a similar arrangement.

> Download the Teleconference Recording (MP3 format)

Tony CarvajalPlanning for Florida's Future: The 2030 Project
At an FPN Webinar on September 17, 2009, Tony Carvajal, executive vice president of the Florida Chamber Foundation, gave FPN members an overview of the foundation's 2030 Project, an initiative designed to mobilize the state around a 20-year strategic plan for Florida's future.  The plan's success will be based on "getting things right" in six key areas, all of which relate in some way to the work of FPN's members.

> View the Webinar (Audio & Video)
> Download Carvajal's Presentation Slides (PDF)

Don WinsteadFlorida's "Stimulus Czar" Reviews Recovery Act With State's Foundations, Nonprofits
At an FPN Webinar on June 16, 2009, Florida Economic Stimulus Special Advisor Don Winstead gave a detailed overview of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to more than 60 foundation and nonprofit representatives.  He described how Florida will receive $14.1 billion over the next three years from the Act, and identified several possible opportunities for private funders to help Florida maximize the federal stimulus dollars it receives.

> Read More
> Download Winstead's Presentation Slides (PDF)

Communicating the Value of Foundations
Strategic research and communications experts Rich Neimand and Dave Clayton of the Neimand Collaborative led a June 9, 2009 FPN Webinar in which they offered practical guidance on how foundations of all types can communicate about their value, role and impact in a strategic, proactive and consistent way.

> Presentation: Communicating the Value of Foundations (PDF)
> Basic Messaging Framework: Communicating the Value of Foundations (PDF)

America's Youngest Outcasts: A Report Card on Child Homelessness in Florida
Dr. Ellen Bassuk, President of the National Center on Family Homelessness, spoke at an FPN Teleconference on April 2, 2009, about the troubling status of homeless children in Florida and proposed solutions to end homelessness among children in our state. 

> Florida Report Card on Child Homelessness (Two-Page Summary)
> Florida Report Card on Child Homelessness (Full Report)

At 2009 FPN Summit, Government & Philanthropy Leaders Urge Stronger Partnership
More than 125 representatives of philanthropy, nonprofits, government and business gathered in Orlando on January 22-23, 2009, for FPNís first-ever statewide summit on philanthropy, "Growing Philanthropy, Shaping Florida."  The summit provided multiple opportunities to discuss how all sectors can work together as effectively as possible during todayís troubled economic times, with a detailed focus on some of our stateís most critical issues in education, health care, housing and the environment. 

> Read More

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Bank of America

Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties

Community Foundation of Tampa Bay 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund

Florida Blue Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Health Foundation of South Florida

Helios Education Foundation

JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

JPMorgan Chase

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Quantum Foundation

Wells Fargo

Winter Park Health Foundation

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You cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late.
     -- Chinese Proverb

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