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ENGAGE Module 5: Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise

Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise


The Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise (SSNOP) is a collaborative effort of residents, educators, service providers, government agencies, business leaders and funding partners who have joined together to implement an educational program in which children thrive academically. The goals are to create a culture that promotes the caring, nurturing and successful education of children and to offer support services for the family and community in positive and productive settings.

The SSNOP community initiative strives to provide a child-focused educational delivery system that is family-friendly and easily accessible within the neighborhood. It began with conversations between funders and the school district about how to maximize impact. 

To accomplish its vision, SSNOP has committed to a cradle to-career educational delivery system. We call it the Insulated Educational Pipeline. The three layers of the pipeline, as shown below, are:

  1. Education
  2. After School and Summer Programs
  3. Community Initiatives

The innermost layer is the educational core of the pipeline, focused on academic programs. The early years of life are critical to building a strong foundation for educational success. Providing academic support and enrichment activities through high school is essential to ensure college or career readiness. Therefore, each segment supports a specific academic stage of a child’s life, i.e., Early Childhood, Middle School, Post-Secondary, etc.

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 Learn more about how this partnership works at their website.
 If you have questions about how the funding community is involved, email FPN member Sheff Crowder, President of the Conn Memorial Foundation.