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13 - 24

18th Annual SAFSF Forum

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Virtual Meeting

The SAFSF Forum is moving online to bring you the opportunities for real-life learning and peer connection that funders look forward to all year. Spanning two weeks, from July 13-24, the 2020 SAFSF Forum is a curated assortment of thought-provoking, timely, and diverse programming developed by SAFSF funder peers.


Coastal Algae Blooms Causes and Solutions: What is Philanthropy's Role in Solving the Crisis

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Blue-green algae blooms created catastrophes in coastal communities last year. Severity and duration of blue-green algae appears to be increasing. In other coastal areas previously unknown brown algae is blamed for fish kills. Outbreaks of red tide have long plagued Gulf waters and impacting marine life and exposing human to airborne toxics. Some affected people are upset with government for failing to stop pollution, but government officials say not enough is known about causes and resources are scarce. Advocates want stronger laws and more public funds to treat pollution sources. How can Florida’s philanthropic leaders step up to the challenge? Mote Marine Lab’s Dr. Vince Lovko, a harmful algae bloom expert will discuss algae trends and causes. What is known? Will more monitoring and improved technologies help us understand the challenges? Audubon Florida’s Eric Draper, a long-time water quality advocate will talk about efforts to control human-caused nutrient pollution thought to be the cause blue-green algae outbreaks in waters throughout Florida. Will investments in research, education and advocacy help advance solutions. How do we harness public concern in this time of crisis?

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Innovative Program Improves Kids' Literacy and Shelter Animals' Adoptability

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The program admits school-age children, who attend a short information session, a shelter tour and a free book, courtesy of The Jim Moran Foundation. They're taught how to read an animal's body language in a stressful shelter setting. Some animals get very lonely being in a shelter environment and they enjoy the company. To encourage interaction, the young volunteers offer treats to animals when they approach the front of the kennel, positively reinforcing their behavior. Once the animals associate humans with happy things, they're more likely to interact with potential adopters and find their furever home.

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Giving Back: Giving Challenge offers you a chance to be informed and engaged in your community

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During the 2018 Giving Challenge from May 1-2, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County is giving nonprofits and individuals the chance to go big. Each donation made on the online platform found at will raise unrestricted dollars supporting local organizations addressing health, human services, education, environment, animal welfare and the arts. As in previous years, millions of dollars will likely be raised, and each of us has the opportunity to decide which organizations of the more than 600 we wish to support.


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