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EAG Summer 2018 Convening - Resources and Presentations

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Florida education funders and education leaders gathered at Central Florida Foundation in Orlando for presentations on Florida Policy Landscape for Early Success, Early Success Plans, High School Graduation Rates and Statistical Dissconnects, and Innovative Scholarships' Survey Results and Goals. In addition, Philanthropy's Role with the Florida Partnership for Attainment was discussed.

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Homelessness and Education in Florida: Impacts on Children and Youth

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Preview the findings of Homelessness and Education in Florida: Impacts on Children and Youth, co-authored by the Shimberg Center for Housing Studies at UF and Miami Homes for All. 

Commissioned by JPMorgan Chase & Co., the report explores the impacts of homelessness and housing instability on the education of children and youth in Florida by focusing on students’ experiences. The findings are based on student data provided by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) and phone interviews with school district staff serving as homelessness education liaisons in 29 counties throughout Florida. The report also includes policy recommendations based on the report findings and best practices from across the country.


Looking for Lasting Change? Start Talking to Other Departments.

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How One District Connected the Dots: Several years ago, the Gulf Coast Community Foundation (GCCF) in Sarasota approached Florida’s Sarasota County Schools, wanting to help the district think differently than it had in the past. Namely, the foundation wanted to help get kids engaged in STEM careers and linking enhanced classroom experiences through real-world business and community involvement.

GCCF originally set aside a $100,000 STEM-Smart grant to meet the specific program objectives. As part of that mission, Sarasota County Schools would not only need a way to get more students interested in STEM careers, but it would also have to create an environment where pupils could get more collaborative, integrate sophisticated technology and become team-oriented as they learned.

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