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Coronavirus and Beyond: Emergency Response Depends on Accurate Census Data, & Self-Response Can Help

March 20, 2020

In a joint statement released today with HTC 2020's colleagues at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR), HTC2020 is highlighting the importance of a fair and accurate 2020 Census during this challenging time, and lifting up the resources available on its map to help inspire Americans to fill out the 2020 Census form on their own. Self-responding helps ensure that the Census Bureau collects reliable data about the nation's population. And self-responding is a way to practice social distancing because it avoids a knock at your door later on from a census taker.

For people who are at home with some extra time, you should of course fill out the census form online, by phone, or by mail. But the census is easy and takes just 10 minutes. After Friday HTC 2020's map will provide a daily activity that's civic minded: you can follow your community's census progress with the self-response bar chart, as shown in the map below. The 2020 column in the chart will fill in as the Census Bureau publishes daily response rates. How quickly & how far it rises depends on local efforts!  (And you can sign up here for email updates when HTC 2020 has added the latest 2020 response rates.)

Not everyone is home with free time, of course. For health care workers, emergency responders, and others doing front-line work to address the coronavirus challenges, HTC 2020 applauds your efforts and hope you will have time eventually to fill out the census. Remember that everyone has the opportunity to self-respond through July 31. The sooner you respond on your own, the more likely you will avoid a knock at your door from a census enumerator.


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