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Fill out your census

April 14, 2020

Now that National Census Day has passed, it is still vital for every person to be counted. Just 10 minutes spent answering the 9 questions on the 2020 Census can change the next 10 years for Florida. Responding to the census—online, by phone, or through the mail—is another way to do your part to keep our communities strong. The U.S. Census Burea will continue to accept the 2020 Census questionnaires till mid-August.

As we watch courageous front-line medical responders fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we see how our health and safety depends on government programs. By completing your Census, you will assure that we receive our fair share of these programs. The Census is easy to complete; your information is absolutely protected; and it is critical that every individual living in Florida is counted. 

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