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Florida Healthcare Association & AARP: Florida Needs To Revamp Long-Term Care As State Ages

January 15, 2020

The Florida Healthcare Association and AARP are talking to anyone who will listen. Their message: pay attention to long-term care. Florida’s population is getting older and according to federal data, in 10 years, a third of Floridians will be over 60. That milestone comes as the state’s funding for programs like home care, nursing home funding and caregiver support lags behind. “We really need to start talking about this because our senior population is growing, and our caregivers are aging.

Our family caregivers, our professional caregivers—nurses are retiring, they’re reaching baby boomer ages," says Florida Healthcare Association Communications Director Kristen Knapp. She says Florida is approaching a crisis point—people are getting old. The people who take care of them are getting old and there aren’t enough social and financial supports or resources to keep up with the demand.

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