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Gulf Coast, Barancik Foundation Award First Grants from COVID-19 Response Initiative

April 08, 2020

Gulf Coast Community Foundation and Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation have awarded the first grants from their COVID-19 Response Initiative. The foundations have issued 11 grants totaling more than $220,000 to relieve strain on key health and human-service organizations that are aiding residents hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

Services supported include emergency childcare for first responders, rental assistance for families recovering from homelessness, and virtual healthcare for high-risk patients. Meanwhile, the foundations continue working closely with these and other lead safety-net agencies to prepare for a wave of cascading needs yet to emerge from the crisis. “These grants—and many more we have in the pipeline—are what I call ‘quick hits,’” said Teri A Hansen, president and CEO of Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation. “They give some of our strongest nonprofit partners what they need right now to continue their critical work, even as their own staffs and revenues are affected. We will continue working with them to prepare for the intermediate and long-term challenges yet to come.” 

To learn about the grant recipients click here.