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Jessie Ball duPont Fund announces new president

February 26, 2019

The Florida Times-Union features the new president of the Jessie Ball duPont fund, Mari Karishi:

Two years ago Mari Kuraishi decided GlobalGiving, the Washington-based crowdfunding nonprofit she co-founded in 2002, was ready to tackle the world without her. So she took a sabbatical to test them both.

“I started a conversation with the board of directors ... about how important it was for the organization to not get too used to having a founder as a leader,” she said. “I’ve seen some organizations get so closely identified with a founder that it was almost impossible to think about the organization without its founder. ... like the kid that never leaves home. I wanted GlobalGiving to grow up and pass this key stage of development.”

After Kuraishi and her board determined “the organization would survive without me” and found her successor, she said she started searching for her own next stage. In January she landed at Jacksonville-based Jessie Ball duPont Fund, as the philanthropy’s new president.