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A month after Legislature failed to act on #MeToo, report finds Florida lags on women’s pay

April 10, 2018

A report by a national women's policy research group found that Florida ranks very low nationwide for women's participation in the workforce, median pay and share of women in top professional roles.

While the causes of these failures are complex, these findings came exactly a month after the Florida Legislature failed to address a problem that leadership from both chambers had said was a priority to fix: sexual harassment in the workplace.

"Research has shown that when women experience sexual harassment or worse in the workplace, the most common response is not to report it and take action to fix it — the most common response is they will quit or if they have series of experiences they'll leave the occupation entirely," said Julie Anderson, a senior research fellow for the Institute.

"So rather than staying in one place or advancing, the lateral moves and leaving contributes to the wage gap."