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St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce: Sold Out Greenhouse Program to Support ...

May 15, 2018

St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce recently issued the following announcement.

In partnership with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, the St. Petersburg Greenhouse will host a sold out 8-week Ice House Entrepreneurship Program to aid in identifying new revenue opportunities for existing nonprofits in the greater St. Petersburg area.

Beginning on May 8th, Ice House Entrepreneurship Program participants will become more empowered and engaged by developing entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors, and skills; identifying social and situational factors that encourage or inhibit entrepreneurial behavior; identifying, evaluating, and validating opportunities in ambiguous, real-world circumstances and identifying and interacting with entrepreneurs who provide critical guidance and ongoing support.

The Greenhouse, a partnership between the City of St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce, recognized the need for a nonprofit focused program to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in nonprofit leaders to promote empowerment and innovation.