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Survey: Black and Hispanic Floridians Say College Degree is Key For Workforce Success

October 12, 2020

The vast majority of Hispanic and Black voters believe a bachelor’s degree is key to success, according to a new survey released by the Helios Education Foundation and the Florida College Access Network. The survey, conducted by Sachs Media Group, found two-thirds of Hispanic and 58% of Black Floridians say post-high school education is a requirement for economic prosperity. Half of White Floridians feel the same.

The polling belies the gap in educational attainment among the three groups. Whites, by double digits, are more likely earn a college degree than Blacks or Hispanics.

The poll also found that while a majority believe that anyone — regardless of race or socioeconomic status — is capable of earning a degree, Black and Hispanic voters were more likely to strongly disagree.

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