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University of South Florida Administration Works to Increase Dwindling Black Student Enrollment

February 26, 2020


USF admitted its largest freshman class last fall, however, the same could not be said regarding minority students, as there has been a decrease in black student enrollment each academic year since 2017.

Vice President of Student Success Paul Dosal said this trend is connected to options that were added to the application to enroll at USF in 2010, which allowed students to identify as “multiracial” or not identify as a race at all. He said percentages in these categories have been increasing since their implementation. 

As a way to connect with graduating seniors, Brown said that he has been actively working with local high schools around the Tampa Bay area to recruit incoming students.

The Vice President of the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Committee is working to raise more money for scholarship funds that are specifically for black students, such as the Helios Education Foundation grant. Currently, the grant is worth $2 million and is meant to support 40 students per year, according to the 2020 USF System. The DIEO is trying to increase this funding to $5 million.

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