Building Philanthropy for a Better Florida

An Urgent Call To Reflect and Act

June 05, 2020

FPN joins the rest of the world in outrage and sadness over the killing of George Floyd, which is unfortunately only the most recent in a long line of similar atrocities. 

As the voice of grantmaking in Florida, we are obligated to speak out against injustice. This is a watershed moment that reinforces the need for individual and collective reflection and action on how America will address systemic racism. The devaluation of Black American lives is inconsistent with the values which guide FPN and our network members and cannot be allowed to continue. 

Change is long overdue. Philanthropy has historically played key leadership roles in societal change. We stand with, and in support of, our members as we collectively address the challenges of dismantling systemic racism in Florida and across our country.

How FPN Members Are Responding

Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties: A Word from Our President

Community Foundation of North Central Florida: We Hear You and We Are Listening

Community Foundation of Sarasota County: Standing in Solidarity, Leading with Empathy

Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation: Humanity is the Bearer of Good

Health Foundation of South Florida: Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Helios Education Foundation: Call for Equity

Knight Foundation: Rising to the Moment: A Challenge to All of Us 

The Miami Foundation: From Our CEO: Confront the Toxic Virus of Inequality

Southwest Florida Community Foundation: To All the Members of this Community We So Love


Please email Geula Ferguson to add your organization's statement to this list.


Photo: This mural honoring George Floyd, who was killed by police, is located on the corner of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue South in Minneapolis, and is the work of artists Xena Goldman, Cadex Herrera, and Greta McLain. The group started working on the mural on Thursday morning and finished it within 12 hours with the help of artists Niko Alexander and Pablo Hernandez. Lorie Shaull/Creative Commons