Building Philanthropy for a Better Florida

Working together to raise the grade for women

April 25, 2018

Last week at the annual Women’s Legacy Fund contributors luncheon, I was faced with another grade I didn’t want to see and I wished changing it could happen with a swipe of my trusty blue pen.

Every year I look forward to meeting with the hundreds of contributors of the fund, a fund of the Southwest Florida community who are dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in our region.

This isn’t a fundraising lunch, but rather a working lunch of individual philanthropists pooling their resources to create change.

This year WLF contributors will direct $30,000 to a nonprofit working on a cause the group selects based on data and dialogue presented at the luncheon.

This data dive brings me back to my grade angst. This time it wasn’t math, but the D+ assigned to Florida via the results of the 2016 Status of Women in Florida by County: Poverty and Opportunity Report, and a new Economic Status of Women in Florida fact sheet released in March. We use these reports to help shape our luncheon discussion.

The report and fact sheet were released by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in partnership with the Florida Women’s Funding Alliance of which the SWFLCF is a member along with many other Women’s Foundations in the region and across the state.