Building Philanthropy for a Better Florida

White Paper on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act & Its Implications for Florida Philanthropy

Publication date: 
June, 2013
This FPN report looks at how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is likely to impact the lives of Floridians, and suggests key roles for philanthropy to play as the ACA is implemented in the state. FPN led this project on behalf of its Florida Health Funders group (FHF), which is comprised of FPN members who share an interest in supporting health issues, organizations and needs in Florida.
FPN commissioned Dr. R. Paul Duncan at the University of Florida, a nationally prominent health services researcher, to lead the development of the report. The report describes the underlying policy issues that the ACA is intended to address; outlines the key elements of the law; details ACA issues of particular salience in Florida; and considers the potential role that philanthropy might play in the complex set of processes by which the law is being implemented.  
FPN thanks the Quantum Foundation for its generous financial support for this project.
The viewpoints expressed in this paper do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of any individual FPN member.