Building Philanthropy for a Better Florida

Community Foundations of Florida: Tips for Talking About Philanthropy


Talk about philanthropy. Appreciate the value of giving.

Chances are, your clients give. They already donate generously to their favorite causes in the community and around the world. As a professional advisor, you can help them streamline their giving and enjoy greater tax advantages. Your community foundation can help you do so.
Attorneys, financial advisors, and accounting professionals are increasingly offering charitable planning advice. Shouldn't you be the first person your clients turn to for help?

Why Talk About Philanthropy? 

  • Your competitors do. 
  • You'll save your clients money. 
  • It's good for the community.

Timing, Timing, Timing.

Each change in financial or family circumstances can be an opportunity to talk about philanthropy with your clients. By creating a charitable fund or trust, you can help your clients avoid capital gains taxes, leave more of their estate to their children, and benefit the community. We can help you identify and seize opportunities to save your clients money and plan their charitable legacy. We work in partnership to help you meet financial and charitable goals for your clients.

When Should You Talk About Philanthropy? 

  • Retirement or estate planning. 
  • Sale of business. 
  • Stock sale or appreciation.

We Help Make You Look Good.

Professional advisors often feel uncomfortable broaching the subject of philanthropy. Yet survey after survey shows their clients wish they would. Charitable planning requires the same steps as any other financial or estate plan: asking questions, offering choices, and handling the details. We can provide you with the tools and information you need to answer your clients' every question.


How Do You Bring Up Philanthropy? 

  • Ask questions. 
  • Learn more. 
  • Trust us.

We Want To Be Your Ally in Giving.

Your clients trust you because you're an expert. You can trust us for the same reason. Community foundations have the unique ability to accept complex gifts of tangible, intangible, and real property. We want to partner with you to help your clients meet their charitable goals.
Community Foundations of Florida offer everything you need to talk to your clients about philanthropy. From continuing education to online giving tools, we help you stay current on giving trends, benefits, issues, and opportunities.
When you're ready to create a charitable trust or fund for your client, turn to us. We offer maximum tax advantages, expert charitable planning, and grantmaking services. We can help your clients save more, learn more, and do more with their charitable dollars.

Resources your local community foundation can provide for you:

  • Online access to information on charitable giving
  • Updates on tax law changes
  • On-site presentations on estate and charitable planning
  • Topical brochures to answer your clients' questions
  • Professional advisor seminars on relevant topics related to charitable giving

Benefits for your client:

  • A range of charitable giving vehicles from donor-advised funds to charitable trusts
  • Maximum charitable tax advantages
  • Community knowledge and leadership and prompt, reliable advised grantmaking
  • Grants to charities worldwide
  • History of outstanding investment returns
  • Online access to fund information and grantmaking
  • Expertise in facilitating gifts of illiquid assets: real estate, artwork, contractual rights, jewelry, and more

We Can Help.