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Community Foundations Member Benefits

Membership Benefits for Community Foundations

In addition to FPN membership benefits, these benefits are offered specifically for community foundations!

Community Foundations of Florida Member Network

FPN operates an active network of 28 community foundations of all types and sizes from across Florida. Through our Community Foundations of Florida (CFF) network we offer education and networking opportunities specifically for community foundations, including two in-person meetings each year that focus on key issues facing the field today; special convenings for specific staff positions, such as an annual convening of donor services and donor development staff; periodic webinars on pressing issues for community foundations; an annual survey of Florida community foundations' financial information and key practices; and more.

Community Foundation Technical Assistance

FPN's Community Foundation Consultant, Donnell Mersereau, is available to work with your community foundation. Her technical assistance is included as a member benefit of FPN. Here's a sample of the kinds of topics she can address:

  • Best Practices: How can we do a better job of managing the core competencies of running a community foundation?
  • Community Foundation Centennial Portfolio: What does the portfolio contain and is it a good investment for my community foundation?
  • National Standards: How will the changes to National Standards for 2015 impact my foundation?
  • Transfer of Wealth: How can I utilize the new TOW data and tools with key stakeholder groups in my community?

Community Foundation Legal Consultation Services

As a benefit of FPN membership, each FPN community foundation member receives one free hour of “quick response” consultation per year from legal consultant Phil Purcell. Phil can provide FPN members with a quick response (usually within 24 hours) to questions pertaining to the law and philanthropy related to community foundations. If additional time is required to resolve issue, an estimate will be provided prior to work being completed. The negotiated fee for FPN members is $185 per hour.

Community Foundations of Florida (CFF) Member Network

This active network of 28 community foundations from across Florida provides opportunities specifically for community foundations, including regularly scheduled convenings focusing on current key issues; special convenings for staff development, such as our donor services workshop; a yearly survey of Florida community foundations’ financial information and key practices; and more.

Community Foundation Trends

In partnership with CF Insights, FPN provides our community foundation members with sets of live on-demand reports, comparing your foundation to others in the state of Florida, as well as to the aggregate field of community foundations of a similar asset size to yours, in a number of different financial and operational metrics. 

Knowledgebase and Transfer of Wealth Portal

Access all CFF program materials, past webinars and resources at any time on our website, including exclusive access to our Transfer of Wealth information portal. 

Access to national community foundation resources

As a direct benefit of FPN membership, community foundations also have access to services through the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers. Connect with community foundation leaders on the nationwide Community Foundation CEO listserv; pose questions, engage in conversations, discover new resources and more. Receive discounted member rates for the national Community Foundation Boot Camp program hosted by the Forum, training led by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance. FPN members can also subscribe to the Community Foundation Legal Help Desk, an online subscription service where users can enter legal questions and receive answers from an “on-call” attorney.