Building Philanthropy for a Better Florida

About Philanthropy

What is Philanthropy?

The origin of the word “philanthropy” is Greek and means “love for mankind.” Today, philanthropy includes the concept of voluntary giving by an individual or group to promote the common good. Philanthropy also commonly refers to grants of money given by foundations and corporate giving programs to nonprofit organizations. Philanthropy addresses the contribution of an individual or group to other organizations that in turn work for the causes of poverty or social problems, improving the quality of life for all citizens. Philanthropic giving supports a variety of activities, including research, health, education, arts and culture, as well as social services.
What is a foundation?
Grantmaking foundations are those organizations that use their resources primarily to grant funds to other entities in order to positively impact lives and the greater community through the organizations and programs they support, in areas such as education, health, scientific research, arts and culture, human services, religious organizations and the environment. Some funders also make grants to individuals, such as through scholarships or disaster relief.
Members of Florida Philanthropic Network include grantmaking institutions of every kind.

What is a Philanthropist?

Philanthropists are Individuals committed to independent philanthropic giving that promote the common good or improves human quality of life. 

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