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Education Partnerships Ensuring Excellent Instruction

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January, 2018

For the first time ever, our FPN's Education Affinity Group hosted a full-day convening with education funders, representatives from the district and state levels and local education foundation leaders. Funders and senior district personnel heard from speakers on Ensuring Excellent Instruction efforts in FL, including initial (TNTP) research findings, network efforts (FINS, IP, UPD).

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Topics & Presentations

  • Why High Standards and the Role Excellent Instruction Plays
    The speaker will frame the issue using comparative international indicators, national and state historical trends, and the economic imperative for our students to be successful in an environment of high standards.
  • Virtual Classroom Observation
    Attendees will virtually attend classroom sessions to observe and discuss specific teacher student interactions in context of excellent instruction. Student work will also be compared to the intended standards.
  • Working with Funders (Panel Discussion)
    Funders and senior district personnel with experience in partnership work will discuss what funders look for to maximize their investments in K-12. They will also discuss how districts can most effectively engage with funders to assure their investments’ impacts are maximized.
  • Facilitated Planning Session
    Education funders and district leaders will work in teams; each team will develop a plan which will address
    • The individual goals and priorities of the district and funder(s)
    • Common priorities and focus areas which emerge
    • How district and funders anticipate working together towards common priorities
    • What more do you need to learn about each other’s priorities or work?
    • What are specific next steps?
      • When will you meet again; do you plan to meet regularly?
      • Who are best points of contact?
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