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Florida Nonprofit Alliance: What Florida Nonprofits Can Do to Prepare for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Publication date: 
April, 2020
Florida Nonprofit Alliance

A guide for how nonprofits can adjust operations and practices amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


How Might This Outbreak Affect Nonprofits?

Should the outbreak continue to spread nonprofits will face a wide range of impacts, such as:

  • increased and sustained staff and volunteer absences,
  • disruption of services to your clients and communities,
  • disruption of supplies or services provided by your partners,
  • cancellation of programs or events (and corresponding reduced revenue),
  • increased demand for services/support from your clients and communities,
  • budgetary implications related to strains on the economy

Florida Nonprofit Alliance has shared a letter with Governor DeSantis, President Galvano and Speaker Oliva reminding them to keep the nonprofit community in mind.This letter was accompanied with our recommendations on state policies that can help nonprofits with COVID-19 recovery. 

So, what specifically can your organization do to prepare?

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