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FPN 2018 Highlights Report

Publication date: 
March, 2019

This eight-page report contains highlights from FPN's many accomplishments and activities on behalf of Florida Philanthropy in 2018.

Featured elements include:

  • Relocating the organization's Tampa headquarters;
  • Completing the College Access and Success Initiative (CASI) to funder accolades;
  • Launching work on Census 2020 to help ensure Florida is accurately counted;
  • Crafting a new Education Affinity Group (EAG) strategic plan

Read the full report below to get the details on these achievements and much more. Want to see related photos or print the report for reading offline? Download a PDF version.

FPN advances the philanthropic sector through shared learning, research, and collaboration.


Florida’s philanthropic leaders and grantmaking professionals gathered for FPN’s 10th Statewide Summit on Philanthropy at the Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables in January, asking Florida
grantmakers, “What Drives You?” with close to 250 attendees. Along with an excellent response from our attendees, the 2018 Summit achieved a new milestone as it received a record-breaking amount of more than $200,000 in sponsorship. Thank you to the dedicated leadership of our Summit Planning Committee Co-Chairs Térèse Coudreaut Curiel and Mark Pritchett, for their intentional engagement through this past year, along with committee members Joëlle Allen,
Maria Alonso, Daniel Gibson, Chris Koehn, and Grace Maseda. 

Education Affinity Group New Strategic Priorities

FPN recognizes that Florida’s future economic health is tied directly to an effective educational pipeline from birth through post-secondary achievement. A skilled workforce is the most critical factor and it begins with effective early learning, includes a rigorous K-12 education, and culminates with post-secondary attainment. The FPN Education Affinity Group (EAG) has long been a supporter of high K-12 standards and the value of post-secondary attainment as evidenced by adoption of its 2015 position paper on these issues. Recently it as recognized that educational success begins with effective early learning and has added support for early childhood education.

Florida Health Funders Strategic Priorities

The Florida Health Funders member affinity group began implementation of its new strategic action plan in 2018. This plan engages health grantmakers throughout Florida in more intentional and impactful ways. Although much occurred during 2018, there are three notable highlights:

  • A group of almost 40 funders came to agreement on a logic model to develop a leadership voice. This means that funders came to consensus around a vision, agreed to outcomes, and identified activities to participate in collaboratively.
  • Florida Health Funders chose the first pilot test issue for funders to start to build a leadership voice: promoting the Breathe Right model. Planning work has been completed and the project will launch in early 2019.
  • Through the FPN Summit and a virtual meeting, the group’s leadership was able to engage new funders: Sixty-one participants from 39 organizations participated in the shared learning survey; approximately 40 funders interested in health participated in the pre-Summit meeting; and, a few new members chose to join the virtual session to pick the test issue.
FPN cultivates, grows, and engages a diverse membership.

Member Engagement

Over the course of the year, FPN hosted four special membership engagement events in Winter Park, Space Coast, Tampa, and South Florida. In addition to the annual Summit, these networking meetings gave members, board trustees, and staff members the opportunity to meet in an informal setting and discuss the impact of the Network and philanthropy in Florida.

Innovative Scholarship Working Group

With limited opportunities to impact state sponsored scholarship policies, FPN has been focusing on how to maximize the impact of private philanthropic
scholarship dollars. In 2018, FPN collaborated with the Florida College Access Network in the formation of the Innovative Scholarship Workgroup (ISWG) and
further development of the Learning Community.

CASI Learning Community Meeting

The first in-person convening of the Learning Community, part of the CASI grant, was attended by almost 30 people. Attendees worked together to establish guidelines for the group and future direction. Presentations from Paul Perrault of Helios, a discussion on equity in education and a panel on Financial Aid practices from Florida colleges and Universities were highlights.

Community Foundation Bootcamp

FPN partnered with United Philanthropy Forum and the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance in conducting a Community Foundation Boot Camp in September, providing a comprehensive overview of the structure and operations of community foundations. Some 35 new and existing community foundation staff or board members enjoyed an in-depth primer of the important work of community foundations.

FPN is recognized as a leadership voice, influencing key issues and policy decisions impacting the sector.

Hurricane Response

In follow-up to Hurricane Irma, FPN coordinated educational and communication efforts with FEMA’s philanthropic advisor. Our philanthropic giving doesn’t stop at state borders; with word of Hurricane Florence’s impending landfall in the Carolinas in 2018, Community Foundations of Florida raised more than $20,000 to support the relief efforts across North Carolina.

Disaster Preparedness

FPN participated in a webinar with Grantmakers in Aging, “Conversations with GIA: 2017 Hurricane Season: The Effect on Older Adults & What Funders Should Know” along with a related session at the Summit. Additionally, FPN engaged in dialogue with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy regarding how we might work together to advance the dialogue and learning agenda around disaster preparedness and response here in Florida.


During 2018, FWFA has released another component of the study focusing on the Status of Women and Girls in Florida, Employment and Opportunity. A press conference was held and the report findings were featured in numerous publications across the state. FPN supports FWFA’s efforts in disseminating information on educational opportunities for members to learn more about this research.

2020 Census

In partnership with the Florida Nonprofit Alliance, FPN and FNA embarked on a statewide tour to discuss Census 2020 and the impacts of an inaccurate count on local communities. Census Information Sessions convened to educate nonprofit leaders, philanthropy, and the media about Census 2020. Discussion topics include information about potential dollars that could be lost in Florida for numerous programs, services, and public benefits as well as being underrepresented in the U.S. House of Representatives. This partnership and outreach initiative focused on how to help with outreach and ways that grantmakers and nonprofits can work together to ensure an accurate count. These information sessions will continue during 2019 as grantmakers learn how they can be aligned with local, state and national efforts.

FPN builds its financial capacity to better serve its Network and mission.


Once again, for the 2017 independent audit of FPN’s finances, FPN received an unmodified opinion on its financial statements.

In addition to membership investments, FPN received $367,303 in grants and additional contributions during 2018 to support the work of our affinity groups, research and other Network initiatives. Thank you FPN Members and partners!

Board of Directors

The FPN Board of Directors was pleased to welcome Charles Hokanson, Senior Vice President, Florida Community Engagement of the Helios Education Foundation and Johnette Gindling, President and CEO of the Space Coast Health Foundation to the board for a three-year term beginning in 2018.

FPN Staff

  • Cynthia Crank joined FPN as Office Manager.
  • Geula Ferguson was elevated to full-time status and assumed FPN’s newly defined Director of Programs role.
  • Johnny Van Heest joined the staff in November as the Director of Communications and Engagement.

Office Relocation

FPN relocated its offices and headquarters within Tampa to 5421 Beaumont Center Blvd., Suite 655 on October 1. Come see your FPN!

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