Building Philanthropy for a Better Florida

Innovative Scholarships - Updating Practices for Improved Outcomes

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Session resources from #2018FPN Driven, FPN's 10th Annual Statewide Summit on Philanthropy. 

Moving the needle to create equity is no easy task. In order to create measurable change, foundations and other educational organizations must be willing to take risks and try new, nontraditional approaches to support students. During this session, attendees learned about new practices and innovative programs highlighted in a recently published white paper authored by Helios Education Foundation. The session will also include roundtable discussions facilitated by experts with practical experience creating and administering innovative approaches to support student success. Attendees left the session with an understanding of how nontraditional approaches such as emergency scholarships, wraparound supports, Promise scholarships, and performance-based scholarships can be applied to promote postsecondary success among traditionally underserved students. 

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