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Learning from a Funders Collaborative: The Human Services Strategic Restructuring Pilot Project Follow-Up Study

Publication date: 
December, 2013
Philanthropy Ohio

In 2009, eighteen funders in northeast Ohio joined together in the Human Services Strategic Restructuring Pilot Project (the Collaborative) to examine how to support nonprofit organizations in strategic restructurings.

The initiative had two principal goals: (a) education about restructuring and how to support it and (b) support of actual significant, high-level strategic restructuring efforts. Evaluation at the project’s conclusion in 2011 showed good attainment of the educational goals and completion of four significant restructuring transactions involving eight nonprofit organizations. A prior case study examined the structure, development, and results of the Collaborative in depth. This report briefly summarizes the prior study, but focuses primarily on updated information about the experiences and perceptions of its participants from the perspective of more than two years after completion of the project.

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