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Podcast: How 'Systems Thinking' Can Change the Game on Hunger and Homelessness

Publication date: 
July, 2017
The Chronicle on Philanthropy

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos triggered a vigorous debate and a torrent of tweets by seeking online advice last month about whether his billions would be put to better philanthropic use meeting immediate needs or fostering long-range change. To David Peter Stroh, co-founder of consulting firm Bridgeway Partners and the author of Systems Thinking for Social Change, it doesn’t have to be an either/or.

"Systems thinking is both," he asserts in this episode of the Business of Giving. "It’s thinking about the short term but within a long-term context."

In this interview, Mr. Stroh offers practical advice on how systems thinking can, to echo his book’s subtitle, solve complex problems, avoid unintended consequences and achieve lasting results. Listen to the full conversation on the player below and/or scroll down to read a transcript provided by the Business of Giving.

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