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Rockefeller Foundation Announces National Coronavirus Testing Plan With $15 Million Investment

The Rockefeller Foundation announced a new action plan to expand coronavirus testing on April 21st, and says it will make  a $15 million investment to make that a reality. The plan consists of three stages: expanding COVID-19 testing, launching a healthcare corps for testing and contact tracing, and creating universal digital platforms for coronavirus testing data.

  • Currently, the U.S. tests about 1 million people for coronavirus each week; The Rockefeller Foundation wants to expand to 3 million tests per week within two months, and 30 million tests per week within six months.
  • It plans to increase testing by using local and academic labs and develop processes for more than one test to be done at a time.
  • The second phase of the plan involves creating a healthcare corps of at least 100,000 workers, including Peace corps and AmeriCorps members.
  • The third phase involves governmental programs partnering with tech companies to create a universal digital platform for testing results and disease surveillance
  • Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, says that this action plan will cost $100 billion dollars, but will save money for the country in the long run. "This is a modest investment in an effort to allow people to return to work safely," he said in a press briefing.

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