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The Status of Women in Florida by County: Employment & Earnings

Publication date: 
April, 2018
Institute for Women's Policy Research
Florida Philanthropic Network

Women have made progress over the past several decades; there are, however, significant areas for improvement for women in Florida. Since the publication of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s 2004 report The Status of Women in the States, Florida’s grade for women’s employment and earnings has worsened from a C- to a D+. The Status of Women in Florida by County: Employment & Earnings examines data on women’s employment, earnings and occupations and trends over time, including research and analysis necessary to make data-driven decisions. 

Key findings:

  • Labor force participation for Florida women is among the lowest in the nation, with rates varying widely by county and race/ethnicity.
  • Florida ranks 38th in the nation on median annual earnings for women who work full-time, year-round ($35,000), with women’s earnings varying considerably by race and ethnicity.
  • If women were paid the same as comparable men, women’s average earnings would increase by $6,300, a raise of over 16 percent.
  • Education does not eliminate the wage gap.
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