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The Status of Women in Florida by County: Employment & Earnings

Publication date: 
April, 2018

The introduction to this webinar is cut off; we open with introducing Judith Selzer, Women's Foundation of Florida president & co-founder, and founding member and current co-chair of Florida Women's Funding Alliance. 

The Status of Women in Florida by County: Employment & Earnings examines data on women’s employment, earnings and occupations and trends over time, including research and analysis necessary to make data-driven decisions. Released by the Institute for Women's Policy Research in partnership with Florida Philanthropic Network and Florida Women’s Funding Alliance.

In this webcast, Julie Anderson, M.A., Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Women's Policy Research, and members of Florida Women's Funding Alliance discuss: 

  • New data on women's employment and earnings status in Florida
  • Findings on wide disparities in the employment and earnings of women of color
  • Updates on recommendations for policies and programs to reduce barriers and ensure equity in Florida women’s employment and earnings

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