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Webinar Recording & Resources: An Inclusive Recovery

Publication date: 
August, 2020

An hour-long recording and a presentation from FPN's An Inclusive Recovery Webinar.

Webinar Description

While the impacts of COVID-19 have been felt across our whole society, it has disproportionately impacted many of the constituencies which philanthropy has already identified as needing the greatest assistance. It has also highlighted great disparities among communities that affect their ability to respond to the crisis and eventually recover. As grantmakers, we look to be informed in our funding to best direct support where it will have the greatest impact. Data-driven decisions require access to research and expert insights.

This webinar facilitated a conversation between Raphael Bostic, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and Juan Martinez, VP/Chief Financial Officer of the Knight Foundation, who discussed what an equitable economic recovery should look like, explored how philanthropy can utilize the Fed’s resources to support community and economic development, and reviewed the latest economic projections.

The webinar included an introduction to the Atlanta Fed’s Community and Economic Development (CED) programStaffed by experts in housing,  employment, economic development, and finance, the program offers research and data tools that are designed to support policymakers and practitioners who want to close economic disparities in their communities. FPN members may particularly be interested in resources on COVID-19benefits cliffsunemployment claimsaffordable housing availability, and quality jobs availability. We also encourage you to read this essay by President Bostic: A Moral and Economic Imperative to End Racism.


  • Presentation | An Inclusive Recovery: How Philanthropy Can Impact Systematic Change, The Atlanta Federal Reserve