April Member Spotlight

Meet Daryl K. Houston
Vice President for Community Impact
Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties

Daryl K. Houston is the Vice President for Community Impact at the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties. He has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 23 years.
Daryl is a graduate of Western Kentucky University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, and minor in Sociology.

What is your involvement with Florida Philanthropic Network? What influenced you to join?

"I am the Chairman of the Board for Florida Philanthropic Network. My introduction to FPN came through my work with the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties. It was a great access point to connect with others working in the philanthropic sector throughout the state of Florida. And, since that initial introduction, I have volunteered on the Statewide Summit Committee, served in the role as the Chair for the Education Affinity Group, to now serving on the Board."

Name one thing you find special about the Florida philanthropic community. 

"There are several special things about the Florida Philanthropic Network community. However, if I would have to give one, it is my belief that the FPN community is truly one that believes is creating a better quality of life for the residents that we serve in our respective communities."

Are there any partnerships or collaborations efforts you have found most meaningful to you in the last year? 

"We hear from our community partners often the need for “Capacity Building.” So, in response to the request to support strengthen their organizations’ infrastructures, several local philanthropic organizations came together, in collaborative form, to answer their wish. We created an access point for 250 community partners to address weaknesses through capacity building, with the focus of turning them into strengths. We are about half way through this first year of the collaboration and have seen some positive results and look forward to seeing the results from a full year of support."

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced with your philanthropic efforts? How have you overcome them? 

"The biggest challenge that I have face and still bothers me today, is not being able to address all the pressing needs that negatively impact the communities that I serve. Unfortunately, I am still trying to overcome this challenge."

What fills your cup – in life and at work? 

"My life is fueled by being a loving and caring husband, a terrific father, being a good person and just waking up every morning know that I have another day to learn something new and do something positive that will make someone’s life better. My work is fueled by the opportunity to make our world a better place to live. I often share with family, friend and colleagues, that I enter work with a smile every day. And when I turn off the light of my office and walk out the door to head home, I leave with a smile as well knowing that I have done something positive to make another person’s life better. I mean, what better way to end your workday."

Can you share one piece of advice you would give to someone considering a career in philanthropy?

"Wow, just one… Well, in this field they call philanthropy you have the unique opportunity to help create positive change in the lives of many people. Try to approach every workday with the intent that when you leave the office at the end of the day, you know that you have given it your all to create a better society for ALL."

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