What We Do

Florida Philanthropic Network connects Florida grantmakers to one another through educational programs, networking, regional convenings, online opportunities and much more.

We provide news, information and resources to the philanthropy community in Florida, advocate on behalf of philanthropy locally and nationally, and commission objective research on the nonprofit and philanthropy sector to disseminate to public, private and nonprofit sectors. Florida Philanthropic Network conducts regular research on Florida philanthropy and grantmaking, as well as periodic research on the state's nonprofit sector, to help inform the work of people working in the field or with the field.

Why We Do It

Complex problems demand dynamic solutions. Florida Philanthropic Network believes that systemic change will occur through collaboration, cooperation, education, research and sound public policy. If we combine forces, we will build a unified voice for the nonprofit sector in Florida that will advance this theory of change to improve the quality of life for all Floridians.

12191 W Linebaugh Ave, Suite 626, Tampa, FL 33626

Email: info@fpnetwork.org

Phone: 813-983-7399

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