MARCH Member Spotlight

Meet Rebecca Fishman Lipsey
President & CEO
The Miami Foundation

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey is President and CEO of The Miami Foundation, focusing on building a stronger, more equitable Greater Miami. Former policymaker and social entrepreneur, Rebecca’s focus is on making Miami the most generous, unified community, and leading collective impact initiatives that bring leaders together to solve local issues powerfully.


What is your involvement with Florida Philanthropic Network? What influenced you to join?

"We can accomplish so much more when we stand alongside likeminded leaders. I love being part of Florida Philanthropic Network – I regularly borrow best practices from my peer Foundations, and find opportunities to collaborate."

    Are there any partnerships or collaborations you have found most meaningful to you in the last year?

    "I’m incredibly excited about Press Forward, and the many parts of Florida that are working together to create local chapters. All of us are in the same boat, seeing the need for stronger, more sustainable local news in our communities, and if we all prioritize the issue together, we might actually have a chance at moving the needle systemically."

    What's the biggest challenge you've faced with your philanthropic efforts? How have you overcome them?

    "As a community foundation, we want to be a home base for all kinds of generosity. But when you do so many different things for a community, it can dilute the clarity of branding for an institution. We’ve had to work hard to help people understand how each of our initiatives weave together, and to actually leverage the collective power of each piece. Breaking silos both externally and internally has made our institution so much more impactful for our community."

    Can you share one piece of advice you would give to someone considering a career in philanthropy?

    "The people closest to an issue are often best positioned to design solutions. Our role as philanthropists isn’t to tell communities or experts what we believe they should do. Dollars are a piece of the puzzle – but leadership and trust building are where the real impact is at."

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