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How the Federal Tax Overhaul Could Impact Our Sector

Thursday, December 14, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm EST
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Free webinar from Johnson Center for Philanthropy!

How the Federal Tax Overhaul Could Impact Our Sector

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are working to pass tax reform before the holidays — that’s just two weeks from today. Both houses have already passed their own versions of the bill, and now it’s up to a conference committee to refine a version that could be passed by both the House and Senate.

While we don’t yet know what final shape this tax bill will take, what we do know is that this tax overhaul stands to have a profound impact on nonprofits and grantmakers alike.

Join us for a FREE webinar on Thursday, December 14 as we address many of your questions — and how Congress is trying to answer them.

  • What is the Johnson Amendment, and how could changes to its enforcement reshape our sector?
  • What could doubling the standard deduction mean for charitable giving?
  • How might this bill affect estate planning and planned giving strategies?
  • What is an excise tax, and how would it affect foundation and university endowments?

Kyle Caldwell, executive director of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, will host a conversation with three sector experts to help you and your organization navigate the tax debate:

  • Donna Murray-Brown, president & CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association
  • Rob Collier, president & CEO of the Council of Michigan Foundations
  • Joan Gustafson Bowman, external affairs officer at Michigan Nonprofit Association

The webinar is free and open to anyone interested. Upon completing registration, you will receive an email with the webinar link, as well as a dial-in number and access code for those who prefer to participate via conference call.

The full conversation will be recorded and shared on the Johnson Center website after its conclusion.