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Community Foundation Spark Session: Family Philanthropy Services: Making the Case, Measuring the Impact

Thursday, May 17, 2018 -
2:00pm to 3:00pm EDT
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An increasing number of community foundations provide services that actively involve multiple generations or family branches in giving, granting, learning, investing, and/or volunteering together. They’re answering rising demands from donors and positioning themselves against competitors.

Offering these family philanthropy services requires investments in staff capacity, organizational culture, marketing, and more. How have community foundations made the internal case for those investments? How have they made the case to professional advisors and other partners? And, how are they measuring progress and success?

Two community foundations will share their journeys in developing suites of services, developing internal support, launching new services, and thinking about impact measures. This Spark Session webinar, and the recording and related materials, will be only available to NCFP’s subscribing community foundations.

FPN's family foundation members can participate in this webinar free of charge as a benefit of FPN membership. Community foundations that are NCFP subscribers are eligible to RSVP. If you are not a current partner subscriber, please contact for subscription information. 


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