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The Status of Women in Florida by County: Employment & Earnings

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 -
10:00am to 11:00am EDT
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New report reveals women in Florida experience narrower wage gap than a decade ago, but lower overall earnings

The Status of Women in Florida by County: Employment & Earnings examines data on women’s employment, earnings and occupations and trends over time, including research and analysis necessary to make data-driven decisions. Released by the Institute for Women's Policy Research in partnership with Florida Philanthropic Network and Florida Women’s Funding Alliance.

Join Florida Philanthropic Network, Florida Women's Funding Alliance and the Institute for Women's Policy Research for an in-depth look at the report's key findings. 

Julie Anderson, M.A., Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Women's Policy Research, and members of Florida Women's Funding Alliance will discuss: 

  • New data on women's employment and earnings status in Florida
  • Findings on wide disparities in the employment and earnings of women of color
  • Updates on recommendations for policies and programs to reduce barriers and ensure equity in Florida women’s employment and earnings

FWFA leadership will review policy recommendations from the report, including tackling the gender wage gap and the even larger wage gap for women of color; raising the minimum wage; encouraging women to pursue nontraditional careers; and supporting working women with caregiving responsibilities.

About the presenter

Julie Anderson, M.A.

Julie Anderson, M.A. Image

Julie Anderson is a Senior Research Associate at IWPR. She manages the Status of Women in the States projects and also works extensively on workforce development and job training initiatives.

Julie was project manager for IWPR’s first regionally-focused report, The Status of Women in the South, as well as several state reports. She has presented Status of Women research on numerous webinars, teleconferences, and to international visiting opinion leaders and scholars. She is a frequent media spokesperson and has been interviewed for NPR, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, and HuffPost Politics Live.